Hot Mess

Chardonnay had planned our mid autumn break. The day had finally arrived. A nice exotic cruise ! It was just what we needed, with both of us being busy with work. And the lovely cold snap which had arrived with a vengeance.

I packed the car the night before, all we had to do was get up get ready and be on our way. One of the few times where waking up so early was no problem at all. Breakfast had and the rest of our belongings packed in to the car. Giving my darling a little kiss on her lush lips. Oh boy did we need this break ! I was driving and my lady in control of the music.

It was roughly a 4 hour drive to port, making a stop along the way for a spot of lunch and freshen up. A beautiful bright day but cold at the same time. We hadn’t even got there and my credit card was already taking a hit ! Chardonnay coming back clutching a bag of goodies with goodness knows what in them. Cheekily laughing as she got in to the car. Knowing very well what a soft bugger I was.

We’d finally arrived, wow the cruise liner looked amazing ! Car parked up. Luggage unloaded, wheeling our cases on board. Once we were onboard, directed to our room. Wow the enormity of this cruise liner was unreal. So much to do and see ! Our room was stunning, no expenses spared. All the luxuries for my Chardonnay, well she was in charge of our break anyway. So no surprises there.

Getting changed in to more comfier clothes, we decided to go see what was onboard. Hand in hand ….. wow it was hard to describe how amazing this cruise liner was. Ballroom cinema theatre and the dining are itself, the variety of food unseen before ! By now the cruise liner was almost full. And a announcement was made we would be setting off very shortly.

We decided to go back to our room and relax a little, the early start and travelling was beginning to tell, well on me for sure. Looking out of our cabin window, the sun had already set, with these short days darkness soon descended upon us. Drifting away. Being awoken by ‘babe come on get up let’s get ready and go and eat’.

Looking at my watch, I’d dozed off for a couple of hours, Chardonnay ha already showered and was sat the dressing table sorting her hair out. I paused for a few minutes my breath taken away by her sheer beauty. I was one very lucky man. Don’t just sit there get a move on I was told. Ok ok I’m going babe.

Stepping in to the shower, Chardonnays worn panties were on the floor. I bent over to pick them up, putting them across my face inhaling the sweet aroma. Excited too, my cock standing tall ! Wrapping the panties around my cock and entering the shower. Hot water running down my body tugging away at my cock before filling up my babes panties. Fuck I needed that !

All showered, time to dry myself off and get ready for dinner. Walking in Chardonnay was almost ready. Wearing a gorgeous elegant black dress. Her beautiful locks open and curled at the ends. Close your eyes darling. Reaching for my bag, taking the mysterious box and walking towards her. Unboxing a gorgeous silver necklace and matching bracelet for my lady. Putting it around her neck, the black dress and silver necklace just went together oh so well.

My suit was hung up. Boxers on socks on I didn’t have the patience to dress. I was more hungry than anything else. I finally got myself ready. Few splashes of my favourite cologne and we were ready to go. Hand in hand we made our way down to eat.

The food was amazing from the starters main and desserts ! Soft music being played by in the background on the piano. A truly relaxing environment. The decor was a sight to behold. We stayed on for a few more drinks, chatting away. A lovely evening spent together and not having to worry about a thing.

We decided to call it a day and head back to our room, there was plenty of time to explore what was on offer. On the way back we thought let’s go to the upper deck. To feel the fresh air and hear the sea in the night. We made our way up and it was empty, nor surprisingly as there was a chill in the air.

Come here cuddling Chardonnay, planting a small kiss on her lips. It was eerily quiet bar the sound of the open sea. Let’s go back I said this is unbearable. No, kiss me again ! Kissing Chardonnay harder and deeper. Backed up against the railings. The chill seemed to disappear and a bulge was soon growing in my pants. Feeling her hand rubbing against my hard cock !

Her hand disappeared down the front of my trousers. The cold off her hand and the warmth of my bulge. Running her finger over my already wet tip. Chardonnay dropped to her knees ….. unzipping me and freeing my cock out in to the cold night. Straight in to the warmth of her mouth.

Her lips wrapped around it and slowly taking it all in. Sucking frantically on my cock ! Occasionally gagging herself with the speed she was sucking me off. Oh fuck I was close to climax ! Instead pulling my cock out of her mouth. Back up on her feet. Cmon zip yourself up let’s go finish this off inside. Said with a glint in her eye.

As we got to the stairs, I pulled Chardonnay back, and on pushed her up against the door ! Kissing her all over her neck. My hands running down her body and between her legs. The feeling of her silk underwear, which by now I had pulled to one side. Gently rubbing her clit, as she grabbed my shoulder and nestled her face in to stop herself from moaning out loud.

Sliding one finger in Chardonnay’s warm pussy. You wouldn’t think it was so cold outside here ! One finger soon became two. Nice slow finger fuck, locking my our lips together. Deep passionate kissing, at the same time her muffed moans echoing in my mouth. My cock was ready to explode out of my trousers … again !!!

Unzipping my trousers, dropping them to my ankles. Turning Chardonnay around lifting her dress and pulling her wet panties to one side. Bent over my cock sliding in to her juicy pussy. You could hear the waves crashing against the cruiser. Me fucking her so hard and fast. Her deafening screams …. holding Chardonnay’s firmly by her hips. Oh goodness I was like a man possessed. Fucking her real good ! Her knees almost buckling from underneath her.

Turning Chardonnay around, picking her up. Legs wrapped around me, sliding on to my raging hard cock !! My hands on her cold ass cheeks ! Bouncing her on my cock. Locking our lips together. Heat of the moment passion ! Forgetting where we were and could be caught at any point ! I paused for a second. My cock erupting deep in her warm tight wet pussy. Every last drop. Oh fuck that was daring but oh so fucking sexy at the same time !

Sorting ourselves out, innocently making our way back to our room. Undressed and literally collapsing in to bed ! The long day and late night antics had caught up with us. But the end was so worth it and then some. Kissing Chardonnay goodnight and cuddling to sleep.

Our first week had flown by ! So much laughs and fun had. Meeting lots of new people along the way too. A couple of day breaks taking in the local scenery and food ! On this one particular day a lot walking was involved on a hot day. My feet weren’t the only thing on fire. Chardonnay had my credit card swiping through various shops before I could even blink.

We had dinner at a lovely restaurant I had booked for us prior to going on our break. The waiter came over along with the violinist. Serenading my baby, a single rose handed to her. Both gazing in to each other’s eyes lovingly. A perfect meal to end a lovely day together. Hand in hand we walked out under the moonlight making our way back, stopping to kiss Chardonnay.

Back all shopped out and tired. Undressed and relaxed for the night, sharing a few drinks gazing out of the window. Clear skies and a full moon. We drifted off, a few hours must have passed. When I heard Chardonnay saying wake up baby wake up …. eyes half open looking at my watch. Babe it’s 1am what’s the matter ? I’m cold darling, and I think the heating has stopped working.

Covers off and I stood up the chill hit me all over my body ! Bloody hell it was like a freezer in here ! Getting dressed, I’m going to see what’s going on babe. You stay here. As I stepped outside I could hear murmurs of people. We were told there was an issue with the thermostat down below, but it was being looked at urgently.

I made my way back, babe get wrapped up and let’s cuddle in bed. I for one was not one to wear anything in bed and neither was Chardonnay. Cuddles under the covers naked. Legs tangled, trying to heat our bodies up. Our bodies pressed up as one, i kissed Chardonnay. This was sure to warm us up.

Deep kissing lead to my hands wandering up and down her silky skin. Grabbing her juicy bum and giving it a little slap. Things were definitely beginning to warm up by now ! Laying Chardonnay on her back. Kissing across her neck and down her body. Her gorgeous pert breasts being played with and licked. Nipples being sucked so deep and teasingly bit.

The temperature was rising, and that wasn’t the only thing rising by now ! My cock standing tall ! Kissing on the inside of Chardonnay’s legs …. teasing her clit with my fingers. Circling around it. I felt her hands grab me from the back of my head. And ramming my face right in to her warm wet pussy.

My tongue sliding in with ease, the warmth the sweet taste. Grabbing hold of a pillow and sliding it under her back. Lifting her up. Covers flung off !! Spreading Chardonnay’s legs as wide as I could. Sucking her clit, as I fucked her pussy with my fingers. Moaning out so loud ! My fingers sliding in and out rigorously.

Chardonnay pushed her foot in my face making me suck her toes at the same time as I fucked her pussy with my piano fingers. My cock oozing pre cum ! I wanted to fuck Chardonnay real good and hard !

Pushing me off with her feet, which sent me flat on my back on the opposite side of the bed. Chardonnay crawling over to me, running her nails up my chest and across my face. My arms trapped underneath her. Looking down at me. Edging herself closer and closer to my face.

Sat on my face by now, grinding her pussy on my face. I could feel her sweet juices running down my face. Grabbing her bum teasing her bum hole with my finger. To which she let out a huge gasp and shouted oh fuck ! I carried on teasing till my finger slid in. Slowly in and out of her tight ass. Frantically grinding her pussy all over my face. Before covering my mouth with her pretty pink lips.

My tongue buried in deep as Chardonnay bounced on my face. My finger still up her bum, the bouncing stopped. I felt a shudder go through my babes body …. a sudden rush as her juices flowed straight out and gushing all over my face. So much, my mouth full and over flowing. Taking in as much of her sweet juices as I possibly could. Oh fuck we were both steaming by now. And we weren’t done yet.

Rolling off the bed, looking down on Chardonnay. Pulling her by her legs to the end of the bed. My feet planted on the floor, taking her legs. Wrapping them around my neck ! Cock sliding in her hot pussy, my length disappeared inside her. Slow deep thrusts, Chardonnay clenching on to the bed sheets with each thrust.

Each hard thrust was met with a scream, the sound of my cock slamming in to her juicy pussy, her screams and my moans echoing around the room. Slow and deep soon turned to really fast. I wasn’t going to last much longer ! Frantically fucking her juicy pussy.

Oh fuck fuck fuck I shouted. Harder harder baby fuck me harder Chardonnay screamed. Bodies on fire cock thrusting in and out. I erupted emptying my load deep inside Chardonnay. The hard fast fucking getting slower and slower. As every last drop was unloaded. Oh my goodness wow that was sexy as fuck.

Back on to the bed, hand in hand. Who needed the heating anyway ?! That was one HOT MESS we had made ! You’d think a tornado had landed on our bed.

Mr M


Welcome home 

I’d been working away for a couple of weeks, meeting after meeting. Between my hotel room and the boardroom that’s all I ever seem to be seeing day in day out. I was missing my baby girl so much too. With the time difference talking was hard but we would always send messages for each other to wake up to.

I would wake up to messages from my sweet angel, I longed to just touch her again and have her where she belonged in my arms. Stroking the screen of my phone. Oh her pretty face that cute little smile, her gorgeous blonde locks. Closing my eyes I could almost smell my baby.

Waking up one morning going for my phone, wow there was more messages than usual from my angel. I hope everything was ok !!! Quickly unlocking my phone and loading my messages. The first few messages were blank well as a matter of fact they were all blank messages ! What was going on.

I tried calling and messaging but no answer, I was worried sick hoping my baby was ok. Even though I was due to fly back home tomorrow I needed to know my angel was ok. I don’t know how but I managed to get to the end of the day, messages not read no new messages or any missed calls.

I hardly slept a wink, my belongings were all packed and the taxi drove me to the airport. The weather was just as miserable as my mood. Looking at my phone lock screen …. angels pretty face. I tried ringing one more time but no answer. I finally boarded my flight home, a few hours later we had touchdown. The weather no better here either.

I made my way through passport control, grabbing a cup of tea on my way out. And heading towards the taxi rank, it was pitch black almost, 2am in the morning I just wanted to get home. As I walked a beam of someone’s car headlights sprang out of nowhere. Almost blinding !!! I couldn’t make out whose car it was and who was in it.

The car drove on and stopped right next to me, the window came down. Well come on then get in the car !! It was Angel !! I put my case in the boot and jamp in the passenger seat.  Sharing a passionate clinch ……. I was so glad my angel was ok and looking fucking stunning !!! Why did you not answer or reply to my texts and calls babe. I was worried sick !! I just got this cute little smile from angel. Let’s get home she said.

On our journey home looking at my baby, I couldn’t help but make out a glow off her legs. Wrapped up in her sexy fur coat …. it’s fair to say my mind was running wild. Stopped at the traffic lights, we were the only ones on the road. Angel took my hand and placed it perfectly between her legs. Fuck me !! Angel wasn’t wearing any panties. The feel of her soft smooth pussy, my cock was on stand in a flash. Again as the traffic lights were changing, Angel just look at me with a little smile.

On our way home we had to drive through the tunnel, lights were spread out sporadically. A quick flash would run through the car, and that’s when I saw the glow off angels legs she had her stockings on and knee high boots. I’m sure she was doing all this on purpose. Knowing I could not do anything, and she knew very well how much my love for stockings and boots really got me going.

We were out of the tunnel and back on to the early morning yet still dark roads, Angel took a sharp turn to the right and slammed the brakes on. Headlights and engine both switched off.  In a split second angel unbuckled her seatbelt and lept across on to my lap. Kissing me passionately !! Her nails running through my hair and down the side of my face.

Momentarily  Angels hands left my face, I could make out her unbuttoning her fur coat. Leaning in my face pressed against the warmth of her beautiful breasts.  Fuck, not only no panties no bra either !!! Kissing them, angel pushing her hardened nipples in to my mouth. I happily sucked as deep as I could on them with a cheeky little bite too. From one to the other, angel letting out gasps of sheer pleasure.

My hands running up and down angels back, and squeezing her perfect booty. Just enough room for a little slap ! The risk of possibly getting caught made it all the more exciting !!! Lips locked again, my hand rubbing against angels already warm and wet pussy. She pulled away from my lips …. shouting oh fuck !!! Sliding in two fingers, frantically fucking her juicy pussy with my fingers. The screams of ecstasy were echoing around the car.

Pulling herself off my fingers and back to her seat, taking my wet fingers and straight in to my mouth. Mmmmm I’d missed the sweet taste of Angel. I wanted more ! I felt her hand rubbing my bulging cock through my trousers. Zip unzipped and my cock pushed out through my boxers. Leaning across, my cock disappeared in to her mouth. Noisily sucking and occasionally gagging on my cock !!!! Oh fuck it felt so good !!! I was close to climax !!!

Angel pulled herself off my cock, we need to get home she said. Engine started, we weren’t heading away just yet. The windows all steamed up !! A quick blast of the windscreen heater  and just like that we were ready to go. Zipping my trousers up and angel buttoning up her fur coat. I leant across for a small kiss. Come on babe let’s go home.

I don’t know how I made it home without exploding in my pants. Angel pulled over and parked the car.  We were excited beyond words and couldn’t wait to get inside.  Leave your case you can get it later on. Let’s get inside and fuck me real good was the order. Like I needed telling ! All that pent up frustration from having no contact, and what had happened in the car earlier on. I was like a caged animal waiting to be set loose !!!!

Racing up the stairs and in to the flat. Swinging angel around and pinning her up against the wall. Kissing her hard and deep !!! Pulling her leg around me, my hand groping her already wet warm pussy. Kissing her even deeper as I finger fucked her juicy pussy. Fuck this I wanted to taste angel, it had been so long.

Taking my warm wet fingers, straight in to my mouth. My goodness I savoured the taste of my angel. It had felt an eternity since I lasted tasted how sweet she was. Juices running down the inside of her legs. Not one to let things go to waste. I dropped to my knees, kissing licking biting angels sexy legs. And licking up every last drop.

My face pressed against the top of angels stockings, kissing my way back up her sexy legs. I wanted more yet, parting her sweet pink pussy lips. My tongue slowly disappearing. The warmth the sweet taste, angel shouting. Baby fuck me fuck me really good !!!

Back on my feet, taking angel by her hand and making our way to the bedroom. Off came her fur coat. Nipples standing … aching for more attention. Laying angel down on the bed, me on top sucking on her nipples, teasingly biting them. Taking in a sharp take of breath as I did so. Mmm knowing how much my baby was enjoying this.

My cock close to exploding !! Pulling angel up and bending her over the end of the bed. Thigh highs still on !! Placing a playful slap on each cheek of her amazing arse !! Pulling on her sweet cheeks. Running the length of my hard shaft between her legs. The tip of my cock twitching against her warm wet juicy pussy.

My cock sliding in …. all my length buried deep in angels sweet place. Angel letting out a huge gasp !! Bending over moving her gorgeous blonde locks to one side. Whispering in her ear. Oh don’t you worry I’m going to fuck you really good baby !!! Slapping her sweet arse cheeks again. A slight reddening to them now.

My hands placed on her hips. My shaft pulled out then disappearing back in again. Teasing her by doing this a few times. Cock buried deep …. circling motions with my hip , feeling angel also pressing back on my hard throbbing cock !!

Rhythmically fucking my angel slow and deep !! Angel sweet ass bouncing back and forth on my cock. Adding extra friction to us meeting in the middle. Her pussy gripping around my cock !! Placing one foot on the bed. Fucking as deep as I possibly could. Moans and groans let out by both of us, echoing around the room.

Oh fuck I was horny beyond words if I already wasn’t. Foot back on the floor, pulling angel back on to my cock !! Fucking her hard and fast. Fuck me harder baby ! I didn’t need telling twice. The screams deafening. Oh fuck yes I’d shout at the top of my voice. My cock close to erupting ….. I could feel my load edging closer and closer.

My hips mesmerisingly rocking back and forth !! Tugging on angels blonde locks. Oh the sound of my cock fucking her sweet pussy was something else ! Oh baby I’m going to cum ! Trying to hold on for a few extra seconds. That was it for me. I erupted like never before ! I could feel my hot cum shooting and filling up angels also wet warm pussy. I was unloading like mad here !! Oh hell yes, every last drop. Oh goodness me that was truly amazing.

Collapsing on the bed, pulling angel in close to me. My arms wrapped around her, kissing her sweet face, lips and forehead. I was back where I truly belonged. Utter silence in the room. My heart was still racing, magic moments. The after sex cuddles were better than the sex for me. Lots of love and care shown in such a simple way and with no need of words.

Sharing lots of little kisses, legs all tangled up. I was soon getting hard again !! My stiff cock pressed against angels legs. Soft lingering kisses ….. angels nails running down my chest teasingly before running them ever so slowly across my balls and up my shaft. Sending a delightful tingle through my body !

Angel now kissing her way down my chest, pausing and looking up at me. That glint in her eye. Bypassing my throbbing cock, instead running her nails up and then back down my chest. Sat between my legs, her blonde locks sat perfectly across her shoulders. That cute little smile her perfect boobs. Nipples hard … oh fuck !!!

Her hand now wrapped around my cock ! Tugging gently at it. Pre cum was already oozing out of it ! Lowering herself, watching my hard cock disappear in to her mouth. Angels head bobbing up and down, sucking slowly but deeply ! Pop like she was sucking on a lollipop. My cock came flying out of her mouth. Glistening it was, fuck I wanted more of that !! I’m sure the look of pure passion we both had in our eyes told a whole story and then some !!!

Running her nails up my chest, leaning down on me. Her gorgeous breasts literally inches away from my face. Lowering them placing my face between them. Suffocating me ! I’m sure you could hear my muffled moans. Freeing me momentarily. Feeding me her nipples one at a time. Sucking noisily , my tongue swirling around them. I’d been starved of my baby for weeks. That’s enough I was told. Oh fuck I wanted more and more yet !!!

You are getting way too excited boy. Wait here ! Angel returning hands behind her back. Right close your eyes and no peeping. In a flash angel sprung herself on me, sat across my chest, taking one hand cuffing it to the bed and then the other. Oh you fucking tease I shouted , as she laughed at me. I’ll free you when I see fit tiger. Hmmmm this would only get me even more randier !!

Sat between my legs, stroking my hard throbbing cock. Angel climbed on top of my cock, watching it slide all the way in. Arching her back, pushing herself back and forth on my cock. Her gorgeous breasts bouncing with each rock. Stopping and then grinding against me, feeling my cock buried deep inside her. Helpless unable to grab hold of them amazing breasts.

Sliding off my cock and turning her back towards me. Angel looked over her shoulder giving me a little cheeky wink and pulling her tongue too ! Legs parted, I could see her hand between her legs, searching for my cock ! Her vice like grip around my shaft. Pulling it towards her wet dripping pussy. Sliding on to it. Leaning forwards as she rocked back and forth on it. I could see the beauty of my hard cock sliding in and out of my angels hot pussy !

Rocking back even faster by now , the sound of angels bum hitting against my thighs. Moaning with sheer pleasure. Faster I said baby. But taking no note of my pleas. Sat right back on my cock ! Circling around me. Ass pressed hard against me. My cock so so close to exploding deep in angels warm pussy.

Climbing off me, and across me her breasts smothering my face. As angel un cuffed me. Pulling her off me, rolling on top of her. Kissing her so hard and passionately. Hands locked fingers interlinked. Nuzzling on angels sweet smelling neck. Tilting her head to one side as I kissed right across and up her neck. Nibbling on her ear as I whispered . ‘Your tiger is ready to roar for you baby’.

Kissing my angel even harder and deeper. Wrapping her legs around my waist, as my cock slides in to her already wet beyond words pussy. Looking angel in the eyes. Slow deep hard thrusts, letting out a loud gasp with each one. Pulling her legs even further up my back.

I was able to fuck my baby even deeper this way, oh fuck my throbbing cock was hitting the right spot in her sweet pussy. Getting faster and harder. Her screams mixed in with my loud groans. The faster I fucked the harder angel dug her nails in my back. The pain well not that I would describe it as such was and felt very pleasurable.

My goodness. I was ready to explode ! The relentlessness of me fucking my angel was ready to come to a shuddering climax. I loved saying to my baby I’m going to cum !! Her legs gripped tightly around me, my cock sliding in and out like lightning. ‘ oh baby I’m going to cum’ digging her nails in even more. I felt both of us orgasm at the same time. A surge sent through our bodies. With each passing second filling angels sweet pussy.

Oh fuck said by us both at the same time. Well I did say your tiger was going to roar baby. Collapsing besides her. Her head across my chest playing with her hair as we both drifted off.

Welcome home, it was good to be home.

Mr M

Ted B strikes again 

It had been a long day at work. I text my baby to say I was on my way home, and would be there in an hour or so. It was more mentally draining after today’s day at the office. And to top off matters my train home wasn’t on time either. Finally boarded and on my way home. ‘Sorry babe, train delayed be home a little later than usual. Love you’.

I had reached my stop, the walk home was only 5 minutes thankfully ! Key in the door ah home comforts. The flat was always smelling so lovely, I just wanted to see my baby after the day I’d had. 
Stepping in to the lounge my babe was sat there, as ever looking stunning and so beautiful. Walking over to her leaning in for a soft kiss which turned in to a passionate clinch. My goodness my angel smelt and felt so good.

Sit yourself down tiger I’ll be back with you in a minute or two. Angel got up and walked off …. her sexy legs in her little summery dress. A figure to die for !!! Fuck was I one lucky man. Her blonde locks bouncing off her shoulder as angel made her way to the bedroom.

A few minutes had passed by, I could hear angels footsteps. I looked up as she stood in the doorway. Wow !!! Wearing my favourite Ted B nightie !!! My jaw had dropped to the floor. Slowly making her way towards me. Stood in front of me the most gorgeous lady and her sexiness beyond words. I leant towards my angel, before being pushed back.

Angels sitting in my lap, taking my tie off and undoing a few buttons off my shirt. Here let me relax you baby. Kissing me on my forehead working her way down to my lips. Kissing passionately ! I could feel a bulge growing in my trousers. The kisses were getting deeper, muffled moans. My hands wandering up and down my angels arms. Skin like velvet.

Angels hands wandering down my shirt, teasingly running her fingernails back up then back down. Unbuckling my belt, zip unfastened. Her hand squeezing my bulging cock through my boxers. My shirt was off also …… her nails running up and down my body. Pulling her lips away from mine. Looking in to my eyes.

Angel dropped her nightie off her shoulders, her gorgeous firm breasts right in front of me. Leaning in and rubbing them in my face. Smothering me…… you could make out my muffled moans of pleasure. My hands squeezing angels firm but sexy bum. Pulling back ….. her nipples guided in to my mouth. Taking in one sucking gently but deep. It didn’t take long to get them nice and hard. Sucking on them like I had been starved. Moving from one to the other. Cheeky teasing bite on them greeted with a sharp intake of breath by my baby, biting on to her lips.

Angels nails sliding down my chest down my tummy, running along the outline of my throbbing cock through my boxers. Which by now were covered in wet patches. Sliding off my lap and on to her knees. Angels hand disappeared down my boxers, tugging away running the tip of her finger over my wet tip. Taking her wet finger, looking at me ….. slowly placing it in her mouth and licking my precum off it.

Angels nightie sitting just off her shoulders, my goodness my baby looked so fucking sexy !!! Perfect boobs pretty little smile and little glint in her eye tonight. Pulling off my trousers and boxers, flinging them across the room. Hand running up and down my hard shaft. Teasing me !! Looking at me knowing very well what she was doing.

Knelt on the floor between my legs. Pushing my angels gorgeous blonde locks to one side. Eyes full of passion …….. her hand wrapped around my cock. Then slowly moving up and down my hard shaft !!! Me letting out moans of sheer pleasure. Eyes closed, I felt my cock disappearing in to her mouth. Oh fuck I shouted !! The sensations going through my body and my cock were indescribable.

Angels head bobbing up and down, occasionally deep throating and gagging herself on my her hard cock ! Wiping away her tears of pleasure, I wanted angel to stop sucking and start fucking !! Pulling herself off my cock and heading straight to my mouth. Hard deep passionate kissing. My hands wandering between angels legs every time I would get close angel would pull my hand away. Driving me crazy !!!!

I just wanted to fuck angel so bad by now, pulling her off my lap and laying her down on the sofa. Knelt on the floor between her legs, one hanging over my shoulder the other resting on the sofa. Angels sweet pussy was in need of some real attention. Kissing my way down her thighs then on the inside of them. Little cheeky bite, looking up at her the glint in my eye would have been clear to see.

Softly kissing her sweet pussy, her lips were a piece of art ! Sliding my tongue up and down real slow …. teasing angel was something I always loved doing. Not to forget her sweet juicy clit, a little rub with my finger and flick on it with the tip of my tongue. Before I knew it my middle finger was sliding in angels warm tight pussy and my other hand gently rubbing her clit at the same time. Sheer moans of pleasure echoing around the room. Pulling my finger out and looking up at angel.

Oh you fucking tease , leaning over grabbing me by the back of my head. And burying my face in her pussy. I was like a starved man ….. tongue buried deep as far as it could go. Pulling up for a quick breath of air and back down. The sweet aroma and taste was indescribable. My face glistening ….. juices dripping down my face and beard. Pulling angels legs a little wider. Oh I wanted more and more. Parting her sweet lips tongue sliding back in. Mmmmmm that sweet taste of angels juices.

Taking my wet hands, running angels sweet juices over my body and my raging hard cock !! Standing tall waiting and wanting to fuck my angel real good.

The look in both of our eyes knew what we were both thinking. Leaning over angel, taking my hard cock rubbing it along her wet pussy. Sliding it in nice and slowly letting out a gasp !!! My cock buried in deep, planting kisses along angels neck and lips. Pulling my length out and sliding it all the way in again. Angels muffled moans were echoing through our locked lips.

Slow rythmic thrusts, our hips both grinding to the same beat. Feeling angels pussy wrapped around my juicy cock. The slow build up was always leading to hard fast explosion between us. Pulling angel in even closer to me, legs wrapped tightly around my waist. Dropping her nightie from her shoulders, mmmm there was always a greater sense of sexiness fucking angel whilst sucking on her nipples at the same time. Moving from one to the other, with the added excitement, making me thrust just a little faster and deeper.

Pulling my cock out of angels wet pussy, my cock glistening and juices running off the end of it. Pulling angel up on to her feet. Her back towards me, hand running down the front of her nightie and straight to her soaking wet pussy. Rubbing with one hand, the other pulling her gorgeous blonde locks to one side. Kissing down the side of her neck. I wasn’t done yet my cock standing tall and ready to explode.

Bending Angel over the sofa, her nightie rising and resting on her firm and sexy bum cheeks. One slap followed by another ….. rub then slap again. Leaving a little glow on angels cheeks. Sliding my hand between her legs, my hand was glistening with angels juices. Running my wet hand all over my chest and face. The nightie slid off caught between angels ankles. Planting soft kisses up her back and down again.

Taking my throbbing cock, sliding it in angels warm tight pussy. Watching my length disappear in her, taking a hand full her blonde locks. Slapping one cheek then the other. Cock buried in balls deep !!! Gently yanking her head back, cock grinding against her pussy. Pulling my cock out halfway and back in. Nice slow deep thrusts !! There was no way I was going to last much longer.

Angel rocking frantically back and forth on my cock !!!! Added with the now shorter but faster thrusts of me, providing an added sexual pleasure. Loud moans from both of us ! Oh fuck we both shouted. Harder I was told …. not one to backdown. Hands on her hips, one foot of mine resting on the sofa. My cock was disappearing in and out of angel like a bolt of lightning.  I couldn’t carry this on for much longer. A few hard fast thrusts later. My cock erupted !!!! Cock held in deep, filling angels sweet pussy with every last drop of my creamy cum. Oh fuck all the days tensions had well and truly been released.

Collapsing on the sofa, angel in my arms. Silence …… apart from the sound of our hearts beating. My angel and Ted B had well and truly seen away the stresses of my day.

Mr M

Morning Sex

My alarm was going off, I was not in the mood to be getting up so early. Mondays come around so quick !! Looking for my phone still half asleep, alarm off. Laying on my back staring at the ceiling contemplating getting out of bed. Looking to the left of me my darling was fast asleep and looking so peaceful and beautiful. Leaning over planting a small kiss on her forehead. 

One foot out and on the floor the other soon followed, stretching and yawning away. Grabbing my towel and heading for the shower. I stopped to look out of the window, it was all doom and gloom grey skies and fine rain. Teeth brushed and showered and feeling fresh. Towel wrapped around my waist making my way to the kitchen. Tea for me and coffee for my sleeping beauty. 

I returned, my baby was still sleeping. Leaving her coffee on the bedside table, I perched on the end of the bed sipping my tea naked. My babies foot was out of the covers, wearing the cute little anklet I had purchased for her a few days ago. The tips of my fingers softly running up and down her foot. 

My cock was rock hard by now too ! Looking over my shoulder my baby looked at peace in her sleep. There was still so much time left for me to get ready yet too. Kneeling on the floor pulling the other foot out from under the covers. Planting soft kisses on my babes soft feet and ankles. 

My baby letting out soft gentle moans with each kiss I planted. I looked up my babies eyes were half open giving me the cutest of smiles. And eyes closed again. My head was under the covers by now, kissing up her legs. So firm and toned, stopping at the top of my babies legs. Soft kisses on the her inner leg, wriggling with each kiss I planted.  

Planting a sweet kiss on her pussy, that’s all for now. Or was it …………. kissing right the way up her body. It wasn’t long before my babes nipples went from soft to hard in a matter of seconds. My lips wrapped around them. Soft slow deep sucks ! A playful bite on them too. 

Our bodies pressed together, kisses on her shoulder head tilted to one side. Her beautiful neck exposed for lots of neck kissing. Rolling off and laying next to my baby. Not only was it neck kisses but my hand was wandering down her perfect body towards her sweet pussy. 

My middle finger rubbing against her ever so wet pussy, gentle rub of her clit. More moans of pleasure let out by my baby. Still nuzzling on her sweet smelling neck, one finger rubbing against her sweet pussy soon turned to two. 

Her sweet warm pussy now evidently wet with my touch, my two fingers sliding in. In and out ….. with it being so quiet early morning. You could hear the sexy sound of my fingers sliding in and out. Pulling them out and straight in to my mouth. 

Mmmmmmmm tasted so sweet !! Rubbing with the palm of my hand on her soaking pussy, juices rubbed on to my hard cock. 
Fuck I wanted to fuck my baby real good by now, getting on top of her. Sliding my cock in her sweet pussy and leaving it in there. More kisses planted on her body and nipples sucked. Briefly my babies eyes opened her smile said it all. 

My cock slowly sliding in and out of her pussy, I was letting my own little moans out by now. Oh fuck …… I heard a small whisper harder baby harder. Pulling my babes legs and wrapping them around my waist. My cock fucking her deep and hard. She was wide awake now moaning out loudly !!

Whipping the covers off, kissing my baby on her lips, she would bite them as I pulled away. Digging her nails in to my chest with each deep thrust of my cock. The room was now being filled with our deafening moans and screams of pleasure. 

Grabbing my pillow and sliding it under my baby. Oh yes I could really fuck her even deeper and harder now. I was on my tip toes ramming my cock in deep, leaning forward my babies nails were digging in to my back !!! Oh fuck I shouted. Legs now wrapped around my neck. Frantically fucking !!! My cock was ready to explode. 

My babes pussy wrapped tightly around my cock ….. it was a only a matter of time now. One last final thrust and I shouted, oh fuck I’m going to cum baby !!! My load erupting inside of her sweet pussy, every last drop of it. Oh fuck what a Monday morning. 

Rolling off and giving my baby a quick cuddle, morning sex was always something else ! Small kiss on her head. I better get ready, duvet back on my baby. Have your coffee before it goes cold. My beautiful baby sat up in bed sipping her coffee.  Wiping myself down and getting ready for work. 

I was done and ready to head out, one more kiss before I was on my way. I will see you later my gorgeous lady. Turning around giving my baby a cheeky wink before I left our bedroom. 

What a start to my Monday !!!

Mr M

Sweet tooth part 2

I didn’t think I would return again to see Angel. The last meeting still sat in my mind …. and relived over and over again. It had only been a couple of months since I last saw this beautiful lady. Still in posssesion of her scarf, and even still now I could smell the sweet beautiful fragrance my angel oozed. 

Texts were still being exchanged daily, it was nice to know someone genuinely cared and this worked both ways. But we never mentioned about meeting again. I was wary of bringing the subject up, in fear of rejection. I couldn’t lose what I had with sweet little angel. 

One day texting back and forth, I saw my opportunity to ask if I could meet Angel again ‘sure was the reply, but this time you better bring your night bag with you cheeky ‘ wow not was I only going back to visit angel I was also going to spend the night at hers too. 

The day had finally arrived, I wanted to make the most of my time with angel. A quick text ‘ I’m just setting off now baby girl’. Early morning, the roads were quiet, just me and my thoughts. And on my way to see my beautiful princess. The drive there so scenic and peaceful, driving in the early morning darkness and watching the sunrise along the way. 

My two hour plus journey was over in a flash, fresh as a daisy. 
Stepping out of the car looking up to Angels apartment, I could see the curtains were still drawn but the light was on. Taking my belongings with me and walking towards Angels apartment, pushing the buzzer. ‘Hi baby it’s me’ walking through the doors and up the stairs, I was feeling slightly nervous but at the same time very excited. Greeted at the door by Angel, i swear my baby was beautiful beyond words. Her soft silky blonde locks and that pretty little smile. 

Angel was still in her beautiful little floral nightie, leaning in and kissing here on her soft lips. ‘Oh I’ve missed you so much baby ‘ Leaving my bags in the hallway, Angel telling me to go freshen up and brekfast was on the go. The apartment was filled with a lovely fresh smell. Angels apartment was truly amazing, loving homely and welcoming. On the way to freshen myself up I made a little detour to Angels bedroom. Going in to my pocket and leaving a little something on her dressing table. 

Making my way back to the kitchen, breakfast almost ready. Taking my seat at the breakfast bar. Angel had made scrambled eggs and toast to be washed down with a cup of tea. It was all silent and communication was being made by smiles, and our body language towards each other would’ve told you more than words possibly could. 

‘That was delicious babe’, ‘your welcome cheeky’ right go make yourself comfy I need to have a shower said Angel. I waited patiently but deep down inside I wanted to be in there lathering Angel up. I got up from the sofa and tip toed to the shower, the door was open ever so slightly. I could hear the water running,  and pushing the door a little bit more, the silhouette of angels body against the wall. Stood there touching myself, feeling aroused ! 

The water had stopped running, I made a hasty exit and back to the sofa ! A few minutes later Angel appeared, wrapped in her fluffy white towel her hair still wet. Perfection was stood right in front of me. ‘ stop staring and follow me was the order’ I followed Angel in to her room as she made her way to her bed. Perched on the end of it. ‘ make yourself useful seeing as you’re here’ pointing towards the moisturiser. My palms sweaty, heart racing ! Moisturiser in hand, her toes wriggling. I guess I was to start at angels feet. Her feet so soft and smooth taking my time, I could stay here all day !

That’s enough I was told, do my legs then my back boy. I felt Angel had total control over me, but this wasn’t a bad thing. The sense of helplessness around her felt amazing, I felt loved but knew my place at the same time. Angels legs were firm but soft, my lips were so close I wanted to kiss them. Angel knew what was going through my mind at this point. Ordering me to get up and concentrate on the job I had been given. Right that’s enough now, you can go back in the lounge and wait for me there. 

Sat gazing out of the window, I could hear Angel making her way back to the lounge. I turned around to see my sweet angel stood there in a beautiful white summer dress, bare foot. Her soft silky blonde locks resting on her shoulders. I see angel had found the little gift I had left on her dressing table. A silver necklace with a little heart on it. Thank you my boy, you are so thoughtful. I just looked and smiled. My baby was worth it.  

Don’t just sit there you silly boy, come and join me on the sofa. Before I even sat down Angels feet were in my lap. So would you like some lunch ? No thanks, I was still full after breakfast. Sat there chatting away, looking intensely at each other. Angels feet were moving up and down my legs as were chatting away. Before I knew it one foot was finding it’s way up my t shirt and the other one was on my face. 

Getting so aroused, taking angels foot softly kissing it. Her lovely soft soles. Looking all the way down her sexy legs. I couldn’t help but notice Angels silky underwear. Come here and kiss me. Leaning in planting the softest of kisses on angels lips. It felt like time had stood still. Mmmmmm do it again, planting another soft kiss. This one went on a little longer slowly turning in to a passionate clinch. Kissing deeper and deeper, my hands running through Angels blonde locks. The sound of our muffled moans echoing through our locked lips. 

My hand running up and down Angels legs, still passionately kissing. I could feel Angels hands running up my top. Digging her nails in to my back and running them right down. Squeezing her thigh as she carried on digging them nails deeper in to my back. 
Pulling angel up, sitting her in my lap. Legs either side of mine, removing her dress burying my face between her soft firm boobs. Angels hands running through my hair, moaning in sheer pleasure.  

Unclipping angels bra, setting free her perfect boobs. Taking her nipples in my mouth, slow long deep sucks. It didn’t take long to see them nice and hard. Swirling my tongue around them gently biting them. Angels nipples weren’t the only thing getting hard here ! Feeling her hands unbuckle the belt to my jeans.  Unzipping them, sliding her hand in my boxers tugging away at my hard cock. Moaning away still sucking on angels nipples. 

Angel pulled herself off me, standing in front of me in her quite visibly wet white silky panties. Leaning forward and pulling me up from the back of my head. Before I knew it my face was pushed and held in angels wet panties. The sweet smell the sweet taste. Pushing me back down on the sofa. Get up and follow me was the order. 

Following angel to her bedroom, the room basking in the sunshine. Standing at the end of the bed. One hand down the front of angels panties the other running up her body. Pulling her blonde locks to one side nuzzling on angels sweet smelling neck. Taking angel by her hand, climbing on to her bed. My top was off jeans too. Feeling her hand down my boxers, running the tips of her nails along my hard shaft.  
Both on our hands and knees, lips locked.  Stay there angel ……… sliding underneath her legs. Pulling off angels wet silky panties.  Mmmmm I had the most perfect view from down here. My arms wrapped around angles legs, slowly lowering her down. Planting a soft kiss on her juicy clit and wet pussy. Teasing steadily with the tip of my tongue. Moans of pleasure were getting louder and louder. My teasing was having the desired effect I was hoping for. 

Before I could carry on teasing angels clit, my breath taken away. Angel was sat on my face ! Grinding her pussy against my face. Get your tongue right up there and make me cum, was the order. My tongue sliding in and out, add to that angel bouncing up and down on my face. Pulling angel back down hooking her down by the legs. My tongue couldn’t be in any deeper. Tongue flicking back and forth. Oh gosh was the scream let out by angel ….. a violent shudder went through her body and straight through mine. It felt as if I was being hit by a tsunami. Angel orgasming in my mouth. Trying to lap it all up, but there was too much for me to keep inside me. The sweet taste …….. my face glistening. As angel collapsed on me. My arms wrapped around her, all you could hear was the both of us breathing. I think we were both lost for words.  

I could feel my hard cock twitching under Angels body.   
Angel rolling off the bed, pulling me up on to my feet. On her knees with my hard cock in her hands. Tongue swirling around my juicy oozing with pre cum bellend. Teasing my balls with her long nails, making me moan out so loud. Angels delightful tongue running up and down the full length of my shaft. My horniness levels had blown through the roof. My cock disappearing in to angels mouth. Hands running through her blonde locks. Her head bobbing up and down uncontrollably. Oh fuck I shouted !! Angel gagging on my cock, her watery eyes looking up at me. Twinkle in angels eyes. Pulling my cock out of her mouth,sat there looking up at me, eyes now closed. This wasn’t going to take long, that was a guarantee. Tugging away at my cock, matter of seconds before I was going to explode.  Oh fuck I shouted again ………. erupting all over angels face. My creamy load shooting all over angels face. Running down her face. I’d never cum so much before !!!

Helping angel up to her feet, come on let’s go and get you cleaned up babe. Both of us fighting to wash our faces. Obviously angel won this battle but I’d have the last laugh. On my knees kissing up and down the back of angels legs.  Will you stop with that you silly boy !!! Both washed and dry. On our way out of the bathroom, grabbing angel by her arm. Spinning her around pinning her up against the bathroom door.  Kissing intensely, my hand between her legs rubbing her sweet pussy. I could feel Angels moans running through my mouth. Pinning her hands above her head, kissing and gently biting along her neck. Sending angel in to a frenzied state. The momentarily look in to each other’s eyes for a split second told us everything we needed to know. 

Squeezing Angels bum, making our way back to the bedroom. Pulling Angels hair to one side, standing behind her. Nuzzling on her sweet smelling neck, clutching on to her hands.      

Making our way back to the bedroom, throwing her on the bed. Towering over her, my raging hard cock standing tall !! Fuck me you naughty boy said angel.  Smirking at her, that wasn’t going to be the case. Well not yet anyway.  Joining angel on the bed, kissing her hard and deep. My hands running up and down her body, teasing her pussy and clit. Oh just fuck me please cried angel. Grabbing on to my cock, where I would push her hand away. I was enjoying teasing angel, and the sexual tension was reaching boiling point by now. 

Pulling Angels legs wide open, rubbing my bell end against her swollen clit. Pussy already wet and juices freely flowing. Before I even let angel say a word, I slid my hard cock in her warm wet tight pretty pink pussy. Angel letting out a huge gasp as my entire length disappeared inside her. Pulling out and sliding back in……. moans and groans of sheer pleasure. I’d teased my sweet angel enough by now.  Pulling her in even closer to me, wrapping angels legs around me. Fucking her sweet pussy harder and faster.  Looking deep in to angels eyes with each deep thrust. Fuck I was going even harder and faster, angels screams of delight were deafening. Her head tilted to one side, eyes closed holding on to the bed sheets. Oh fuck I’m gonna cum I shouted …… still thrusting away at the same time erupting in angels sweet pussy. Every last drop emptied inside my baby. Pulling out my cock, collapsing next to angel. Pulling her in to me holding on to my sweet angel. Pure silence ……. as we lay there holding each other. 

The day had past us by, all the naughty and sexy fun me and my angel had. It was safe to say we were hungry by now. Getting up and helping Angel up. My cock was hard again !!! Softly kissing my angel on her forehead. Hand in hand making our way to the kitchen.  Walking behind angel, pulling her back by her hand and bending angel over the dining table. 

Slap and slap again on Angels firm toned cheeks, you could see the imprint of my hand on each cheek. My cock sliding in to angels still warm wet pussy. This wasn’t going to take long. Tugging on to angels blonde locks. Biting her shoulder kissing down her back. Grabbing angel by her hips. My rampant cock fucking her so fast and deep, with the odd spontaneous slap on her juicy bum. 

My loud moans and groans mixed in with angels. Pinning angels head down on the dining table, my cock fucking her even harder.  I could feel myself close to erupting ! Angel screaming for me to fuck her even faster.   I didn’t need telling twice.  The sound of my balls slamming against angels wet pussy.  The sweat dripping across my forehead. Heart beating faster !!! Oh fuck…….. holding still exploding together !!! Feeling the intensity of angels orgasm against my cock and through my body. 

I had just spent the day with the most loveliest and warm hearted lady I could possibly wish to meet. We still had the whole night ahead of us.  My sweet tooth sweeter than ever before. 

Mr M

Surprise …….

One morning texting Clara, we were discussing all things feet and panties. Clara was constantly making me raging hard mess by now !!
I would spend hours doing various edits with Clara’s pictures. One certain picture really caught my eye, Clara was sat crossed legs in her sexy panties and red patent heels. 

Normally the heels would get my attention more than anything, but it was Clara’s panties this time. Should I ask what I wanted and was thinking at the time. By now I knew I could as Clara was always welcoming with my questions and requests. 

Clara you know the last picture you sent me, I want to ask can I have a pair of your worn panties please ? Of course you can was the reply. My cock standing up at Clara’s reply. I made a small payment for my new purchase. 

Giving Clara my address to post them out to me, pictures were sent Clara wearing my panties for a few days in a row. Dying to know what my queen smelt like. Ping went my phone a picture of Clara posting my little package. 

It felt like time had stood still, the anticipation was unbearable. After leaving work on a Friday and arriving home, there was a small package addressed to me. I instantly knew what was inside. 
Ripping up the package and pulling out the worn panties of my queen, taking them up to my nose inhaling deep. The sweet smell was indescribable. Soft and sweet, by now my cock was oozing with precum !!

Thank you so much for my little package Clara, you’re welcome my dirty little foot bitch was the reply. Sending a picture of my rock hard cock oozing for my queen. I couldn’t stop myself from oozing so much. My boxers in a state, Clara had a hold of me mentally any physically now. 

All of sudden why was I thinking this, these kind of thoughts had never crossed my mind before. Locking the door to my bedroom, stripping off naked stood there with a huge hard on and cum dripping from my throbbing bell end. 

I took Clara’s panties and put them on. The feeling of the soft material against my hard cock, and knowing my Queen had been wearing them turned me on so much. Snapping away sending pictures to Clara. You dirty little bitch the reply. Clara loved the fact I was wearing her panties. And prancing about in them. 

This happened again and again, I now owned 3 pairs of my Clara’s panties. I even made a video of me licking all Clara’s dried up juices off her panties. Getting told how bad dirty and filthy I was just turned me on even more. 

Would I be brave enough to wear them to work one day ! 😈

Foot bitch

I stumbled across this lovely lady by chance, ‘I didn’t know you liked feet’ my reply ‘I absolutely love them’
Clara had the most prettiest and sexiest feet I had seen, so soft looking, cute little toes and her toe rings. Toe nails kept immaculately, it was love at first sight. 

We exchanged a few messages and Clara knew instantly, how much I adored her feet. Before I knew it pictures were sent to me of her perfect feet in heels tights holdups socks and bare. 

Carefully zooming in on each picture, I was taken aback with how sexy and turned on I was by the soles of Clara’s feet. All looking so soft and the wrinkles on her pretty little soles. It was instant sole love. 

Not only did Clara understand my love for her feet, inside Clara was a beautiful person also. We got on really well and I could confide in her. The trust was there instantly and I never had to think twice about asking Clara things. 

I would message Clara throughout the day, even to the point where good morning and good night texts were the norm. Clara was more than my foot Queen now, I was totally in awe of her. 

I had all sorts of things running through my head now, catching a glimpse of Clara’s bum in one of the pictures really set me off. I wasn’t sure but I was about to ask Clara something. Text: you turn me on so much can I show how much please ? Awaiting Clara’s reply ….. yes of course you can. Whipping out my raging hard cock snapping away and sending Clara the results of the hold she had on me. 

I soon found myself constantly hard thinking about Clara’s sexy feet and body, I took to masterbating over her pictures and videos and recording myself. Ping video sent …. tugging away on my cock moaning out Clara’s name as I shot my load all over the place. 
This was warmly welcomed by Clara and it soon became a habit sending pictures and videos of myself. 

Our friendship was only starting but felt like we had known each other for such a long time. The love I had for Clara’s feet promoted Clara to call me her foot bitch. A title I was honoured to be bestowed upon. 

Throughout the working days texts were sent, my boxers a constant mess from all the precum whilst thinking of Clara. I would often slip away to the gents to show Clara the results. 

What was about to happen next between me and Clara I did not expect at all ………

To be continued. 

Sweet tooth 

My phone went ping ….. It was a text from Angel ‘come to mine i have a surprise for you’ This put the biggest smile on my face …… Getting ready in a hurry nearly falling over with all the excitement !!

I text saying I was on my way and I couldn’t wait to see her. Early morning drives had never been more enjoyable. I had never met Angel but I can only describe her as being a beautiful elegant lady who could never fail to make you smile. There was something more beautiful to Angel  than her smile she had a incredibly beautiful heart. 

I pulled up to the driveway, walking up the garden path. Knock knock ….. The door opened welcomed by Angel and her beautiful smile. I handed over some flowers I had bought for her and planted a kiss on her hand. 

Walking in behind her …. Angel was wearing a lovely black dress and heels. Her body was to die for the most beautiful curves and a lovely bum too. 

Come straight through to the kitchen I was told …… Angel was getting ready to bake. Well I can’t stand here in my heels and bake. I immediately said let me get them for you. Walking around getting on to my knees and carefully taking each shoe off. The temptation to want to kiss Angels legs was so great but I couldn’t. 

I’m going to make you some vanilla slices, this made me smile so much. Angel went to put on her apron I insisted on tying it up. Stood so close to her the smell of her soft rose smelling perfume was truly amazing. 

Sitting opposite Angel, watching her mastering the craft she was good at. Occasionally looking up at me my eyes were fixated on her. The smell of vanilla had now filled the kitchen. Want to lick the bowl clean ….. I’d love to I replied. 
Moving across to get the bowl ….. Angel pushed my hand away. Swirling her finger in the bowl. 

Here lick it off my finger. Taking her finger slowly placing it in my mouth. Eyes locked on Angels as I did. The taste was amazing so sweet and creamy I couldn’t help but wonder how sweet Angel would taste. 

The vanilla slices were left to set. Moving in to the lounge ….. I knew Angel was beautiful but seeing her in person wow even more so. Sat facing Angel talking away … The slightly low cut dress kept getting my attention. Her legs crossed dress raised just up to her thighs. Legs looked so firm and beautiful. 
Without any notice her legs were in my lap. It’s ok don’t be afraid, rub my tired feet darling. 

I slowly worked my fingers in to her soles working away from one foot to the other. Lifting her feet up massaging them with my lips. Her soles so soft planting kisses all the way along and across her toes. 
Looking up at Angel taking her big toe in my mouth gently sucking on it, being gestured to move on up. 
Kissing Angels  ankles and working my way up here smooth silky legs. Kissing her thighs …… I’m told to stop come here is the command. Kiss me baby …. 

Leaning back on the sofa I lock lips with Angels. Soft kisses which start to get longer and deeper. My hand runs down her body over her breasts down her thighs and slide up her dress. Gently squeezing her bum. Pulling away from her lips her head tilted back I nuzzle on her neck. As she lets out moans of pleasure …. My hand still on her bum. 

Slowly moving my hands up her back, unzipping her dress. Slowly removing it I bury my face in her beasts. Feeling her hand on the back of my head pushing me deeper. Taking my hand moving it to the back of her bra, where I unclip take her arms out of it. 
Caressing her breasts in my hands kissing away. Swirling my tongue around her already hard nipples slow deep gentle sucking. 

Angel letting out moans of sheer delight. Guiding my face between her breasts, my hand runs down her smooth sexy body and between her legs. Her silky underwear soaking wet, my hand rubbing over them making Angel even more wet if that was possible. 

Stop you sexy fucker… Whispering in my ear go in the fridge. There should be a bowl of vanilla filling go get it. Shooting off the sofa and straight in to the fridge. Eat it off me babe I was told. The thick creamy sweet vanilla spread on to her breasts and hardened nipples with my hands. Licking it all off even kissing her with my vanilla filled my mouth. 

I wanted to eat it from somewhere else but I was scared to do this, Angel laying back on the sofa legs either side of me. Think the look in both our eyes said it all. Kissing her legs gentle bite working my way up kissing her thighs then on the inside of them. Running my nose over her underwear the sweet aroma. I wanted them off …… 

Slowly removing them. 
Her beautifully shaven pussy was inches from my mouth…….Extending my tongue out running it over back down and round. Angel  letting out huge gasps with each lick. Parting her sweet lips and letting my tongue swirl in and out of her. Goodness me she tasted better than the vanilla mix I couldn’t get enough. Lapping it all up …. The force of her hands on the back of my head forcing me and my tongue deeper. 

Pulling myself away ….. Rolling Angel on to her front sliding a few cushions underneath her keeping her comfortable too. I began to kiss her gorgeous bum added with a few playful slaps. Parting her sweet cheeks my tongue teasing her bum. 

I want to please Angel so much more yet. Taking the vanilla mix spreading it all over and in her bum and pussy. Mmmmmmm eating it all of out your bum with each flick of my tongue it would make you scream out in pleasure. Sitting on the floor hooking your legs towards me. You lowering your sweet vanilla filled pussy in to my mouth. 

My tongue sliding in you bouncing on my face making sure my tongue would go in as deep as possible. The mixture of your juices and the vanilla mix was sumptuous. A rich sweet cream filled delight.   
You standing up turning around …. Lowering your bum in my face. Rubbing both your bum and pussy in my face. My face glistening you still rubbing against my face. Suffocating me between your legs where you hold and shudder ….. You orgasm in my mouth. I’m trying to lap up every last drop not wanting it to go to waste. 

Oh wow that was incredible …… As you collapse in to my arms. Looking at you , saying the vanilla delight was well worth the wait. 
Softly kissing you playing with your hair. You are one beautiful lady my baby. 😘🌹
To be continued ………….

Text sex

I had been texting for quite sometime, they were always nice chats asking how each others days went. We also had long phone calls too …. Always mimicking my accent. 

It’s funny how our friendship blossomed, from never really talking to non stop texting. A right stress head she was too !!! Especially when it came to technology. I kinda became her tech bud. 
Oh this isn’t working now and now this , it was so cute seeing her like this. Eventually getting to the bottom of things !!!

A well dressed and gorgeous looking lady. I’d be lying if I’d never had inappropriate thoughts about her, but for some reason I never felt I could tell her this. 
Also the added fact that when my messages did get a bit cheeky I would get told off in the nicest way possible. This turned me on even more so, it still didn’t stop me from messaging her like this occasionally. 
It also helped that we shared a huge love for heels too. Many pictures were sent back and forth but the ones I would receive of her in her very own were something else all together. 

I told her about how I had recently started blogging, sending the link awaiting a reply. A warm response received ….. I was told keep me updated the next time I posted. Again the replies were nice I’m glad my efforts were being appreciated. 

One night after I’d finished a blog, I sent it on along with a cheeky text as usual. ‘Stop it cheeky ‘ was the reply. But I was quite adamant to carry on. Telling her how I’d kiss her across her neck and more. I got a reply saying how much that turned her on. 

My texts were getting even cheekier now but the replies were warm. Before you know it we were full on sexting. The excitement was unreal …… Wanting to know in great detail what I would do to make her all hot and bothered. 
Stopping to ask how hard I was, to which the reply was like a rock. I never expected this but she asked to see my cock. Snap and send ….. The reply mmmmm that is sexy and it would slide and in satisfy her totally. 

I loved describing how I would lick her juicy pussy, stop then use my fingers too. This drove her wild and kept making me carry on till she would orgasm all over her bed sheets. 

This would occurs once a week at least. The beauty of it, it was never planned. The spontaneity made it all the more sexier. Her need to want to see my hard cock. Imagining how I would fuck her slow and deep. I would even ring her and wank down the phone. 
But as the few weeks passed texts got less and less. I miss the sexting but I miss her friendship even more.  

Mr M